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Getting Started
28 articles
How to view a plant's growing informationHow to find all you need to know to grow each plant
Minimum system requirementsWhat you need to run the Garden Planner
How to create a new planStep by step instructions to create a new plan for your garden
Adding plants to your planHow to select plants and add rows and blocks of plants on your plan
How to add garden beds to your planHow to draw your garden beds on your plan
Drawing in-ground bedsHow to indicate the position of in-ground beds (as opposed to raised beds) on your plan
How to draw multiple beds in one planPlanning all your growing areas in one place
Adding Garden Objects to your planHow to add and use raised beds, greenhouses, fences and other 'garden objects'
Adding Shapes to your planHow to add and use shapes (rectangles, circles, triangle and the line tool)
Adding Text to your planHow to use the Text tool to write on your plan
How to save your plan
Navigating around your planScrolling around the planning grid using a mouse, trackpad/touchpad, or your finger
Zooming in or out of planHow to get a closer or wider view of your plan
How to resize your planHow to make the planning grid bigger or smaller
How to plan a garden that is not rectangularHow to use the Garden Planner to plan an odd-shaped garden or irregular-shaped plot
How to rotate itemsRotating shapes, objects, and rows of plants on your plan
Block spacing vs row spacingUnderstanding the difference between planting in blocks and planting in rows
How to use the plant filtersFiltering the plant selector to show only plants that meet your needs
When to plantHow to use the Garden Planner to find recommended growing dates for your location
How to assign favorite plantsHow mark plants as favorites to make them quicker to find in the plant selector
How to find varieties or add your ownHow to select plant varieties and customize an unlisted variety
Find and sort your plansHow to locate your plans in the Garden Planner
How to lock layers on your planHow to fade out specific elements of your plan and make them non-selectable
Creating a Follow-on PlanHow to reuse your plan's layout to create next year's plan
How to view harvest totalsHow to view harvest reports and total yields for the year
Companion PlantingUsing the Garden Planner to find companions for the plants in your garden. Bad companions advice.
Choosing a new Sample PlanHow to find and use our templates to try out different layouts for your garden
How to restart a planWays to delete or remove all items from a plan to start over