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How to lock layers on your plan

How to fade out specific elements of your plan and make them non-selectable

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What are layers and why lock them?

The Garden Planner has 5 layers: Structures (objects that sit on top of others), plants, text, irrigation and layout (objects that sit underneath others).

The Layer Lock feature makes it easier to work with a particular layer of your plan without accidentally selecting a different layer. When a layer has been selected, all other layers are ‘grayed out’ on your plan and are non-selectable.

Garden Planner layer lock

How to lock layers

To select the Layer Lock, click on the Layer dropdown menu in your plan’s toolbar, and select the layer you wish to work with. When you're done, you can either select another layer or choose All Layers.

You can also choose to Lock All Layers if you wish (nothing will be selectable on your plan until you choose a layer or Edit All Layers).

Garden Planner layer lock

This video explains how to use and lock the layers

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