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Adding Text to your plan

How to use the Text tool to write on your plan

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How to open the Text tool

To add text to your plan first click on the letter A on the left hand side of the plant selector.

Garden Planner text tool

Font size and color

Select the font size and color, then click on the letter A in the Text menu. Click on your plan where you want to add text.

Garden Planner text tool

Typing your text

Double-click on the text box on your plan, or click once on the text box to highlight it then click on the Edit Item button in your plan's toolbar.

Garden Planner edit item

Type your text. You can change the text color, font size, position and dimensions here too.

Garden Planner text tool

Scroll down and click Done.

Garden Planner done button

Resizing and repositioning text on your plan

You can then resize the text box to fit your text by clicking on and dragging one of its corner handles. Click on and drag its central rotational handle to rotate it.

Click on the text box and drag to reposition it if you need to.

Garden Planner text tool

Watch our How To Video:

The Garden Planner - How to add text to your plan

Any questions? Chat to us!

Click on the Live Chat icon in the Garden Planner if you need help or have questions for our gardening experts.

Garden Planner - Live chat

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