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How to view a plant's growing information

How to find all you need to know to grow each plant

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You can find detailed growing information for a plant in three ways:

  1. Hover your cursor to the left of the plant icon in the plant selector, then click the 'i' Information button when it becomes highlighted.


  2. Click on the 'i' Information button to the left of the plant icon in your Plant List.

    Garden Planner - information icon on Plant List

  3. Double-click on the plant icon in your plan (or click on it once then click on Edit Item in your plan's toolbar), then click on More Information & Journal History.

Garden Planner - Journal History

Listed in the Plant Information you'll find important information such as crop rotation family, alternative names, the plant's preferred soil and sun requirements, feeding recommendations, and useful notes on planting and harvesting as well as good companions.

You can also view listed varieties, your Journal History and any notes you've made for that plant using the tabs at the top of the plant's growing guide.

Garden Planner - Example of Plant Information

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