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Adding plants to your plan

How to select plants and add rows and blocks of plants on your plan

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Choose your plants

Open the plant selector by clicking on the leaf icon in the Drawing Tools menu.

Garden Planner plant selector

Scroll down through the list of plants to find the one you need, or type the name of the plant in the Name search box. If the plant you need isn't currently listed, you can use any plant icon to define your own.

Garden Planner plant search

Place a plant on your plan

Click once on a plant to select it, then move to where you want it to be. Click once to place it. Click on and drag one of its corner 'handles' to drag out a row or block. The plants will be automatically spaced at their minimum recommended spacings.


Garden Planner dragging out a row


For full instructions on how to add a plant to your plan using your Smartphone tap here

The colored area around each plant indicates the amount of space it needs to grow successfully, and the color indicates which crop rotation family it belongs to.

Tips for adding plants

You can click on Show More to use the plant filters to narrow down the plants to only those that meet your needs.

Garden Planner show filters button

Click on the faint 'i' Information button next to any plant to see growing information, listed varieties, your Journal History and your notes for that plant.

Garden Planner plant information button

You can also click on the star next to any plant to mark it as a Favorite. This enables you to filter the plant selector to show only your favorite plants.

Garden Planner favorites button

Can't find the plant you want?

If the plant you need isn't currently listed, you can use any plant icon to define your own.

Watch our How to Video:

Garden Planner - Add a Plant Video

Any questions? Chat to us!

Click on the Live Chat icon in the Garden Planner if you need help or have questions for our gardening experts.

Garden Planner - Live chat

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