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How to view harvest totals

How to view harvest reports and total yields for the year

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To view your Journal history and harvest totals for a specific plant in the Garden Planner, open the Garden Planner then double-click on a plant in your plan (or click on it once then click the Edit Item button in your plan's toolbar).

Garden Planner edit item button

This will open the Plant Edit box. Click the 'More information & Journal history...' link.

Garden Planner Journal History

Click on the Journal History tab:

Garden Planner Journal History tab

Your Journal History includes all of the information you’ve recorded about that plant in your Journal, including dates you planted, watered, tended or harvested it. Your harvest total for that plant is shown at the top left. If you’ve tagged the plant in your notes, these will be shown below the timeline bars.

Garden Planner Journal timeline

Click on any of the Activity Filters to display only entries relating to that filter, for instance Harvesting. Click the curly arrow to the right of the activity filters to return to viewing all activities.

Garden Planner Journal activity filters

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