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How to add garden beds to your plan

How to draw your garden beds on your plan

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You can choose the raised bed icons or use shapes to add beds to your plan.

Add raised beds to your plan

The Garden Planner includes several raised bed icons that can be accessed by clicking on the Garden Objects button (the cube icon) to the left of the planning grid. Scroll down or type in the search box to find them.

Garden Planner Garden Objects selector

Click to select a raised bed, move to where you want it to be on your plan, then click to place it. Click on and drag one of its corner 'handles' to resize it.

Garden Planner raised bed

Use the Shape tools to draw your beds

If you prefer, you can select shapes (rectangles, circles, triangles or lines) to represent your beds from the Shapes selector. Shapes and lines are great for drawing in-ground or irregularly shaped beds.

Garden Planner Shapes selector

You can choose from outline or filled rectangles, ellipses, and triangles.

Garden Planner filled circle shape

Lines can also be curved using their center handle if necessary.

Garden Planner curving a line

Once your beds and any other items you want to include are in place, click on the leaf icon to add Plants to your plan.

Garden Planner plant selector

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Any questions? Chat to us!

Click on the Live Chat icon in the Garden Planner if you need help or have questions for our gardening experts.

Garden Planner - Live chat

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