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The Product Performance Dashboard

How to read and interpret the data of the Product Performance Dashboard

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Where to find it?

The Product Performance Dashboard is in the Products section.

Who is the dashboard for?

This dashboard is useful to all users, especially to help with product stock management.

How to read it?

The best order source to select is the Online store. Data will still display with other order sources but might not be as accurate as for the Online store

Once you chose a time period and a time-frequency to display your data, you can filter by type of customer (Optin, has an account) and order ranks.

You can also filter products by variant, collection, category, or product. Those options are imported from the Shopify catalog structure.

Please refer to the Shopify documentation to learn more about how they define a product, a variant, a category (which refers to a Product Type in Shopify), and a collection.

⚠ If you have a big catalog with many products, you should expect important loading times for the chart. We recommend you choose Collection, or Category instead of Product.

Data description

On this dashboard, you can either see the evolution of the Net turnover or the number of orders (sales) for a given period of time.

⚠ The number of sales is the number of baskets that contained a given product, not the number of units sold of that product.

How to interpret the results?

The Product Performance dashboard allows one to see how well some product categories are performing compared to others. While it is not a stock management tool, it can provide some insights into how many orders are placed in each category and anticipate the future of demand based on past customers' behavior.

You can also use it when launching new products to gain insights into how they sold in their first weeks or months.

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