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Opt-in Customer

What is an Optin Customer and where to find this data?

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What is an Optin Customer?

An opt-in customer is a customer who explicitly agreed to be contacted over email.

It refers to a customer who gave their email address but also ticked the box to receive news and emails from your business.

⚠ Opt-in customers are very valuable to your business as they are reachable at very low cost through emailing campaigns, and therefore conceal a lot of potential for repeat business.

Where to find data about Opt-in Customers?

You can find out about your opt-in customer data and ratio by looking at the Monthly Overview - Database Evolution dashboard.

For your business to be profitable, Opt-in customers should represent at least 70% of your database.

⚠ Accepting cookies is not the same thing as signing up to be an opt-in customer. Becoming an opt-in customer requires the user to fill up a form, provide an email address and tick a box (or not untick a box) that states the customer agrees to receive commercial communication over email.

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