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The Customer Database Dashboard

How to read and interpret the data of the Customer Database Dashboard

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This dashboard answers the question: How is my email database evolving monthly?

Where to find it?

You can find this dashboard in the Business section.

Who is it for?

This generic dashboard is useful to all users, on a monthly basis to track the average basket evolutions.

Data description

A Customeris an email address that entered your database either when the customer made an order in your shop, or when the customer ordered somewhere else and their email address got imported into your database.

A Prospect is an existing email address in your database that is not yet associated with a purchase. It is likely that QuanticFy won’t include those, as our primary data source is Shopify.

An Optin is an email address for which the person has explicitly agreed to receive commercial communications via email (which is different from consent via Cookie).

This consent is the consent obtained by Shopify (and provided by them), not the consent of Klaviyo (see the Cautions section for more details).

An Account is an email address associated with the personal details of the person (customer or prospect) that they have shared with you. These addresses are very valuable because they show trust and interest in your store!

⚠ Note that Klaviyo can collect more leads through its newsletter feature: Klaviyo collects leads through this feature, but will not automatically transfer these addresses to Shopify. To learn more about the likely volume difference between Shopify and Klaviyo, visit this page.

Tips for your business

The number of Optin customers conceals the true growth potential of your business thanks to repeat business. Those customers are your capital: you can reach out to them practically for free and build your own media.

The Optout customers can’t be contacted as they did not consent to receive emails from you. The prospects are difficult to turn into customers, and that difficulty increases with time since they first manifested an interest in your shop.

For your business to be profitable, Optin customers should represent at least 70% of your database.


For Quantic Factory, Shopify is the primary database.

Since Klaviyo retrieves data from Shopify but does not send its own data back to Shopify, this may explain why you have different analytics between Klaviyo and Quantic Factory, as well as between Shopify and Quantic Factory.

This might happen even though we set up a new connection between Klaviyo and Shopify when you started using Quantic Factory, to fully synchronize the new data using the solution.

⚠ New data means we solve the issue for future data, but we cannot fix the history of your data. If you would like to synchronize for past data as well (so you have the same view between all three tools), please open a ticket with our Customer Success department (using the chatbot).

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