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The Best Sellers Dashboard

How to read and interpret the data of the Best Sellers Dashboard

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The Best Sellers Dashboard answers the question: What are the most sold products per month?

Where to find it?

The Best Sellers Dashboard is in the Products section.

Who is the dashboard for?

This dashboard is useful to any users, especially CEOs looking for strategic insights into products that could benefit from marketing and branding efforts given the demand.

How to read it?

The best order source to select is the Online store. Data will still display with other order sources but might not be as accurate as for the Online store.

You can then choose a month of data to display, and filter the results to see either best-selling products, collections, categories, or variants.

Those options are imported from the Shopify catalog structure. Please refer to the Shopify documentation to learn more about how they define a product, a variant, a category (which refers to a Product Type in Shopify), and a collection.

Tips for your business

When looking at the number of purchases for each product at rank 1, 2, 3, and further (by scrolling down the dashboard page), you can identify products that your customers tend to buy after a few orders only.

Those products sometimes have the potential to become rank 1 best sellers and could boost your sales with some dedicated marketing efforts.

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