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The Monthly Activity Dashboard - Best Sellers
The Monthly Activity Dashboard - Best Sellers

How to read and interpret the data of the Monthly Activity Dashboard - Best sellers

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This dashboard answers the question: What are the most sold SKU by month and by source?

Where to find it?

The Monthly Activity dashboard is in the Business section.

Who is the dashboard for?

This generic dashboard is useful to all users, on a monthly basis to track the most popular products of the store.

How to read it?

The best order source to select (in the menu on the top right of the page) is the Online store. Data will still display with other order sources but might not be as accurate as for the Online store. (see the dedicated section if you use Recharge - coming soon).

Data description

When hovering over the histogram bar, you can see the number of units sold for the product.

SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit. It is a unique identifier used by retailers and e-commerce businesses to track inventory and manage product information. SKUs are typically a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols assigned to each product in a company's inventory.

To further investigate your product sales, visit the products performance dashboard in the Product section.

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