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Connecting your Klaviyo Account with Quantic Factory
Connecting your Klaviyo Account with Quantic Factory

Learn how to connect your Klaviyo account to get started with Quantic Factory

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Why connect your Klaviyo account with Quantic Factory?

For us to be able to gather data from your Klaviyo account, it is necessary that you connect your account with Quantic Factory.

Step 1: Create an Admin User for Quantic Factory

First, go to Account & Billing.

Then go to Settings and click on Add New User.

Then add a new user as an Admin, with the following email address:


If your company is called “Bluebell”, that would be

Please let us know as soon as possible once you have created this user (send us a quick email!). If you wait for more than 6 hours after the account creation, we will need you to redo the operation.

Step 2: Enter the Kaviyo API key in Quantic Factory

Go to Account, and then to Settings.

Go to API key and click on Create Private API Key. We recommend using “QuanticFactory” as a label.

Once the API key is generated, copy it.

Then go to your account in Quantic Factory, and click on the Connect button under the Klaviyo logo.

Paste the API key there, and you are all done with this part!

Step 3: Setup the UTM tracking in Klaviyo

In order for Quantic Factory to calculate attribution correctly, we need the UTM tracking to be properly configured. Otherwise, you may see incomplete data in your dashboards.

At the General level

First, go to Account, then to Settings.

Then click on More, and on UTM Tracking.

There are 2 default UTM parameters that are always turned on: utm_source and utm_medium. In addition to these two, Klaviyo accepts an additional three parameters by default: utm_campaign, utm_id, and utm_term. Toggle these parameters on or off in Klaviyo as you wish.

For the proper functioning of our tool, you must respect the following settings:

  • indicate Klaviyo in the UTM Source

  • differentiate the flows from the rest of the mailings in the UTM Medium

  • give an easily recognizable name to the campaign in UTM Campaign

  • add a Custom UTM parameter and name it “hash_email”

  • add the Klaviyo Profil ID to the “hash_mail”

⚠ Do not forget to activate the "Automatically add UTM parameters to links" option by clicking on the associated toggle.

Make sure to click on Update UTM Tracking Settings when you are done.

At the campaign level

Make also sure that you activate the UTM tracking at the campaign level.

For this, go to Campaign, and click on the campaign's title of an unsent campaign (you can't modify tracking parameters for already sent campaigns).

Then make sure that the toggle is activated for the Include tracking parameters tracking option.

⚠ Sometimes the settings of one campaign can override the general settings so this needs to be done for each campaign, one by one.

If you need help with adding UTM tracking to your campaigns and flows, you can also visit the page How to add UTM tracking to campaigns and flows on the Klaviyo help center.

You can also visit our UTMs guide.

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