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The Hello ☀️ Dashboard
The Hello ☀️ Dashboard

How to read and interpret the data of the General Overview Dashboard

Updated over a week ago

This dashboard answers the question: How is my business going overall this week/this month?

Where to find it?

The "Hello" dashboard is the first of the Attribution section.

Who is the dashboard for?

The general overview is interesting to decision-makers and CEOs to get an overview of the past week’s data (available from Tuesdays).

How to read it?

The best order source to select is the Online store. It can work with other order sources but you might not get as accurate results as for the Online store.

Data description

This dashboard focuses on your two main levers of investment, so you can see how they performed over the past week.

How to interpret the results?

From this dashboard, you get an overview of your business (total turnover for the selected period, with percentage of evolution from the other selected period, total number of orders, attributed revenue, and attributed orders).

The Attributed and Post-view turnover is the ratio of your shop's turnover we were able to attribute (i.e. link to specific ads or promo codes that led to orders) and the share that is due to post-view (ad displayed in public spaces, word-of-mouth...).

You can also get an overview of total turnovers for Google Ads and Meta, as well as Media Spending, ROAS, Effective ROAS, CPO, and effective CPO.

Tips for your business

If the Attributed and Post-View turnover does not find a rational explanation (if you don’t have any ads displayed in public spaces or if you don’t massively import customers but still have an important share of Post-View turnover), we recommend you do a geolift on your Meta and/or Google Ads, to better understand the impact of your ads.

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