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The Media Activity Dashboard
The Media Activity Dashboard

How to read and interpret the data of the Media Activity dashboard

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This dashboard answers the question: How well are my media performing?

Where to find it?

The Media Activity Dashboard is located in the Attribution section, right above the Channels performance dashboard.

Who is the dashboard for?

This dashboard is useful to CEOs to get a weekly overview of the media activity.

How to read it

The best order source to select (in the top menu) is the Online store. You will still see data if you select other order sources but might not be as accurate as with the Online store.

Data description

The Media Activity Dashboard allows you to track the following metrics:

  • Media Spending (how much you spent on Media for the chosen period)

  • Net turnover (the turnover without shipping costs)
    Note that the Net turnover corresponds to the attributed sales brought by the media (it might not correspond to the total of the selected 'Order source', which you can find in your 'business' dashboard)

  • Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) is the Net turnover divided by the Media Spending

  • First sale: this is the same as the number of new customers (acquisition)

  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is the Media spending divided by the total sales

  • Effective Media Spending (EMS) is the attributed Media Spending (the media spending that actually led to sales)

  • Effective ROAS, which is the Net Turnover divided by the Effective Media Spending

⚠ Learn more about what Effective Media Spending and Effective ROAS are in our glossary. Effective metrics allow you to know exactly which part of your media spending led to actual sales by including all hits that preceded the sales (up to 7 days prior to it).

UTM tracking allows us to view the source, medium, and specific content your customer engaged in, so to provide you with attribution data at the campaign level. For the data to be precise, you need to make sure to set up your UTM well.

How to interpret the results

To confirm the true ROAS of the Meta and Google channels, we recommend you do a Geolift. Note that, as of today, only Meta and Google are available for this test.

⚠ For the “Influence” measure, we can improve the results by using the UTM method described in this section of our UTMs and Ad-IDs guide.

Once the geolift is done, you can use our template to calculate your allocation (see the way we analyze the origin of sales in the diagram right below).

⚠ Note that the stores that ran this test found an average post view / post click ratio between 2 and 3 for Meta. This means you can extrapolate the post-click results you see, like so:

- ROAS: times 3 to times 4,

- CPA: divided by 4 to divide by 3...

If you want to confirm your ratio, we invite you to perform your own Geolift. Please contact your CSM using the chatbot at the bottom right of this interface.

Tips for your business

If Effective Media Spending (EMS) represents less than 70% of your media spending, it might indicate two things:

  • either the ad_id in the UTM parameters (for Meta) is not set up correctly, preventing QuanticFy from collecting your campaign data. Please visit our UTM guide to learn more.

  • or your investments are not optimized. In this case, we recommend further investigating the Ads performance dashboards to identify the campaigns that are not performing well.

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