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Media Spending (MS) & Effective Media Spending (EMS)

What is Media Spending and Effective Media Spending, and where to find them?

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What is Media Spending?

Media spending refers to the amount of money that a company or organization spends on advertising through various media channels. This includes the cost of creating and producing the ad, as well as the cost of purchasing ad space or time.

Media spending is usually looked at the same day as one sale occurred (see the graph below). It does not tell you how much you spent to actually generate a sale, but only what you spent that day.

What is Effective Media Spending (EMS)?

Effective media spending refers to the amount of money that is spent on advertising that leads to an actual sale on your shop. It is calculated by taking into account hits (clicks and other interactions with online ads) that occurred before the day of the sale.

Quantic Factory being customer-centric, we are able to trace the customer journey that led to a sale. That allows us to provide you with the Effective Media Spending metric, which accurately tells you how much of your investments actually led to revenue.

In Quantic Factory, you can see the Media Spending and the Effective Media Spending on the Sales by channel dashboards.

⚠️ If the Effective Media Spending (EMS) represents less than 70% of your media spending, it might indicate two things:

  • or your investments are not optimized. We recommend investigating further by looking at the Sales by campaign dashboards to identify the campaigns that are not performing well.

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