I can't end my ride.

Do you receive an error message that you’re not in a parking zone?

Updated over a week ago

Zoom in to your current location on the map and check that you are:

1. Outside a restricted (dark grey colour) area.

2. Outside a no-parking (red colour) zone.

3. In a mandatory* parking bay (blue P letter symbol).

*If your TIER app displays blue P letter symbols throughout the map, it means you are in the city which allows parking only in the dedicated parking bays.

Once you've moved the vehicle in a parking zone:
1. Push the kickstand down.
2. Refresh your GPS location by clicking on the arrow button inside the app at the bottom right corner.
3. Press the end ride button and make sure that the vehicle locks successfully.

If you are still receiving any type of error message inside the TIER app and are not able to end the ride, please contact us via chat and we will be able to help you.

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