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Red, yellow and grey zones inside the map.
Red, yellow and grey zones inside the map.

What do different colours mean on the map?

Updated over a week ago

Based on traffic patterns and in cooperation with local authorities, we employ different zones for safe riding.

Our service area is the off-white area on the map. You can ride freely in this area. Zoom out slightly on the map to notice the difference between the zones.

The outside of our service area is a restricted zone, marked as dark grey on the map. There, the speed may be limited and you will not be able to start or end a ride.

Both, no go and no parking zones are marked as red colour on the map. Your vehicle will slow down if you enter a no go zone, indicating that you should leave the zone.

Driving through parking zones is permitted, but you will not be able to end your ride there.

If you find yourself on the border of the no-parking area, it is possible that the rental cannot be ended due to light GPS drifting. This can be easily solved when you ride a bit further away from the area.

Our slow zones are marked as yellow on the map. Your speed will be reduced when you ride in these areas. Once you drive out of the zone, the speed will pick up.

Our mandatory parking zones are marked in blue letter 🅿 symbols on the map. Please park considerately.

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