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How do I start and end an e-scooter ride?
How do I start and end an e-scooter ride?
Updated over a week ago

1. Find a TIER e-scooter near you and scan the QR-code or click on start ride inside the app to unlock it.


2. Push the e-scooter forward to flick the kickstand back. Place one foot on the footboard, hands on the handlebar and push off with your other foot 3-4 times to get going.


3. Place both feet on the footboard when you're ready to accelerate. Use the right acceleration lever to gain speed. We advise you not to press all the way down your first time riding.

Please note that the maximum speed of TIER e-scooters is 20km/h.


4. Let go of the acceleration lever to decrease your speed or gently squeeze the left or right hand brake to slow down even more, and to come to a stop.


5. Use the left and right indicators to signal your movements to other road users.


6. When you’re done, park in a designated parking spot or find a safe place on the pavement away from pedestrians.


7. Pull the e-scooter back onto its kickstand and tap end ride in the app.


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