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How do I start and end an e-bike ride?
How do I start and end an e-bike ride?
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1. Find a TIER e-bike near you and open the TIER app.


2. When you're standing next to your chosen e-bike, scan the QR code or tap start ride inside the app.


3. The cable lock unlocks automatically. Pull the lock out of the cable hole on the right side of the rear wheel and place it in the holder on top of the rear wheel.


4. Flick the kickstand back before sitting on the e-bike.


5. Once you're ready to go, pedal with your feet. You’ll feel the boost kick in while you pedal. For your safety, the motor won't start until the bike reaches 5 km/h.


6. Stop pedalling to reduce speed and squeeze the brake levers to brake.


7. When you’re done, park in a designated parking spot or find a safe place on the pavement away from pedestrians.


8. Flick the kickstand down and tap “end ride” in the app. If your e-bike has a coble lock, insert it back into the cable hole before you tap “end ride”.

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