How can you analyze your investments in Search Brand and Search Non Brand separately?

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You can analyze your Brand and Non-Brand ROAS within Quanticfy

The release is scheduled for the week of July 31st.

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Within Quanticy, you can now separately analyze the ROAS linked to your investments in Search Brand and Search Non Brand, whatever the media: Google, Bing...

⚠ Please note: this feature only concerns Paid media

That it is not possible to retrieve information on Organic campaigns, as these media do not transmit detailed UTMs.

Add "brand" to your UTMs

Simply include the string brand in the name of your Ads!

This is automatically retrieved by our tracker via the UTM.

Thus :

  • all Paid Search UTMs (from: Google, Bing...) containing this character string will be classified in a Brand channel

  • by default, all Paid Search UTMs not containing this character string will be classified in a Non Brand channel.

The system on our side is automatic: apart from changing the name of your Ads within your Media managers, on the Quanticfy side there's nothing to do.

⚠ Please note:

The string used to recognize the Brand type must be brand: the system won't recognize a string written in other languages (e.g. "marque" in French) or your brand name itself.

If your store is called PowerBoutique and your historical internal convention - or with your agency - for your Brand Ads is to integrate the word 'PowerBoutique' in the UTM to distinguish them from Non Brand, then our system won't recognize the type.

If the brand string was not present in your UTMs in the past, then you'll find 100% of past Ads in Non Brand.

See result in your dashboards

You will find this Brand / Non Brand filter in the following dashboards and in the following form:

If you don't see these new channels, they're currently being calculated.

⚠ The "Paid Search" filter will disappear with the arrival of these new channels

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