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The Life Time Value Dashboard - Share of new VS returning customers
The Life Time Value Dashboard - Share of new VS returning customers

How to read and interpret the data of the LTV - Share of new VS returning customers Dashboard

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This dashboard answers the question: What percentage of my business comes from repeat customers?

Where to find it?

You can find it in the Business section.

It stands on the same page as the LTV - Time between orders dashboard, right below it.

Who is the dashboard for?

The ratio of new VS returning customers is interesting to look at for media buyers and CEOs, on a quarterly basis.

How to read it?

The best order source to select for an LTV analysis is the Online store. It can work with other sources but might not be as accurate as for the Online store.

For stores with a subscription business and using Recharge, see the dedicated section (coming soon).

⚠ On this dashboard, you are looking at the number of orders in the last 12 months, sorted by order rank. If you are looking at this dashboard in April 2023, the data displayed have been computed from April 2022 to March 2023, as we don’t display data for the current month.

How to interpret the results

Looking at the ratio between the first-rank orders and the second-rank orders (and above), you can deduce what is the share of orders that are acquired (first-time customers) or repeat business. For instance, if you have 4000 first-rank orders and 2000 second-rank orders, it means ⅔ of your business is acquisition and ⅓ is repeat business.

Tips for your business

Depending on your business (there can be major differences if you sell equipment or cosmetic products), a good repeat business rate is at least 35% of all orders.

Some shops can reach up to 50% if their product entails frequent refills, updates, or replacements.

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