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The Monthly Activity Dashboard - Average Basket & Revenue and Orders Analysis
The Monthly Activity Dashboard - Average Basket & Revenue and Orders Analysis

How to read and interpret the data of the Monthly Activity Dashboard

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This dashboard answers the question: How does the average basket of my loyal customers evolve over time? And how do my sales and orders evolve over time?

Where to find it?

The Monthly Activity dashboard is in the Business section.
The Average Basket section is located right below the top 10 best-selling products on the same page.
The Revenue and Orders Analysis is located right below the Average Basket section.

Who is the dashboard for?

This generic dashboard is useful to all users, on a monthly basis to track the average basket evolutions.

How to read it?

The best order source to select is the Online store. Data will still display with other order sources but might not be as accurate as for the Online store (see Section 7 if you use Recharge - coming soon).

The prices shown in the dashboard include taxes and exclude shipping costs.

⚠ The date filter has no impact on the Revenue and orders analysis dashboard that displays data for the last 12 months.

Data description

For the selected period of time (that is set by default on the previous month before the present) and the selected order source, the average basket is calculated for all customers and all rank orders.

The average baskets displayed below are then specific to the first, second, and third rank orders.

Tips for your business

Depending on your industry and your product specificities, the average basket by order rank should increase for you to be generating profitable growth.

The #2 order average basket should be higher than the first order rank average basket, and so on.

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