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Tasks management
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In this tutorial, we'll show you how to manage your tasks to keep your agenda organized in Samdock.

From the Home screen at Samdock you'll see the Tasks block. In here you have all your tasks, organized by due date chronologically.

Our hope with the Home screen and with tasks specifically is that you can get an overview of what's due today, and coming up tomorrow, so you can get organized and execute on time.

Task filters for team collaboration

Sometimes, you might need to view tasks differently, and for that, you have task filters. Filter your tasks to view:

  • Everybody's tasks

  • Mine & unassigned

  • Assigned to me

  • Unassigned

  • High priority

By choosing to see unassigned tasks or everybody's tasks, you can easily jump in and help your team lower their workload when you're free.

You can also choose to filter the high-priority tasks to complete the most critical tasks that might affect your success rate.

Assign a task to a teammate

By default, the task will always be assigned to the person in your team that owns the contact, lead, or deal that the task is affecting.

However, you can always reassign the task to anyone in your team working with you in Samdock, so that the task will appear in their personal tasks view.

Another option would be to leave it unassigned so that anyone in your team can pick it up and get it done.

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