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Create Tasks
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In this article, we'll show you how to create tasks, assign them to yourself or your colleagues, and link them to your leads, deals, or contacts.

Create tasks

Depending on which step of your flows you are in, you can create tasks in different ways and sections:

  • On your home screen

  • In the detailed view of a lead

  • In the detailed view of a deal

  • In the list view and detail view of a person

  • In the detailed view of a company

In all of the above sections, you will find an area named Tasks where you can create a new task by clicking the ➕ sign.

By creating a new task, the detail view will open on the right side of the screen. Here you'll be able to:

  • Give the task a name: indicate what the task's about

  • Specify the content of the task: add a description of what needs to be done

  • Assign a priority: indicate what's the urgency to complete this task, whether it's a high priority, normal, or low

  • Select a start and due date: indicate the timeframe in which this task should be taken care of

  • This task is linked to:

    • Person: link this task to a person contact

    • Organization: link this task to an organization contact

Assign the task to a teammate

By default, the task will always be assigned to the person in your team that owns that contact, lead, or deal.

However, you can always reassign the task to anyone in your team working with you in Samdock, so that the task will appear in their personal tasks view.

Another option would be to leave it unassigned so that anyone in your team can pick it up and get it done.

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