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Assign leads, deals and tasks
Assign leads, deals and tasks
Updated over a week ago

In this tutorial, we'll show you how using the assign function can help you and your team work together faster with Samdock.

When you create a new lead, lead or task, without any related contact (whether is a person or an organization), Samdock assigns it automatically to you.

However, when there is an associated contact, the lead, deal, or task will be automatically assigned to your teammate managing it.

For example, when you create a new contact for a person and then create a task for it, they will be assigned to you, because they're new, and they haven't been assigned to someone else before.

But when you create a task for a person contact from a teammate, the task will be automatically assigned to him or her.

Assign to a teammate

You can choose to change the assignee for a lead, a deal, or a task, and with all of them, it works the same way.

To change the assignee you have to click on the lead, deal, or task and go to the left upper corner of the screen and select the teammate you want to assign it to. Another option would be to leave it unassigned so that any of your teammates with less workload can voluntarily pick it and execute it.

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