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How do I change the workout level?
How do I change the workout level?
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Changing your dance program and setting your fitness level as Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced can be easily done.

  • Go to Profile Settings;

  • select Change Workout Plan.

Please note that the app has different workout plans with three fitness levels - you might want to try a more accessible level or an alternative workout plan.

The workouts are made to be high-intense to help you lose weight; therefore, the moves might sometimes be rather challenging.

If you find it challenging to keep up with the moves, you can try watching the workout beforehand to learn the moves or stop the video during the training to understand the action better.

Our extensive range of fitness programs is carefully crafted to cater to your individual needs.

Our classic Pilates program offers gentle yet effective workouts like Wall Pilates, Pilates on the Bed, and Chair Pilates, all aimed at toning and strengthening your body. If you prefer Pilates with equipment, we have options like Release Roller Pilates, Foam Roller Pilates, and Softball Pilates, providing a unique and challenging workout experience.

For those seeking to enhance flexibility and promote relaxation, our Stretching program is perfect. If pain relief and improved well-being are your goals, our Stretch & Release plan is ideal.

Looking for something different? Try our Somatic Training program, designed to release pain and achieve freedom. And for a more intense workout, check out our Resistance Bands and Kettlebell & Pilates plans.

Please note that most of these plans are accessible through OrganicFit, while the OrganicDance app specifically focuses on dances and includes Pilates workouts.

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