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A Quick Tour of Quanticfy's Version 2

Discover how Quanticfy will improve in July 2023

Updated over a week ago

We will release a new version of Quanticfy's interfaces in July 2023, with big improvements coming regarding navigation and the addition of a "compare" feature on all dashboards.

But fear not, our dashboards and data remain the same!

(activate the subtitles of the video for more information)

What will change?

Only the way we display dashboards will change, not their content.

All the dashboards currently under the Quanticfy section of the platform will be grouped under the Attribution section in the top menu.

All the dashboards currently under the Quantic Value section of the platform will be grouped under the Business and Product sections of the top menu. There won't be any mention of Quantic Value in our platform.

You can now switch between an evolution and a repartition view (the views used to be displayed one under the other, so you had to scroll to see both).

Discover the new "Compare" feature

We have added a "compare" feature that allows you to select two different time periods and visualize the data side by side on two different graphics.

We encourage you to play with it to gain insights into how one metric evolved during different time periods, especially if you made changes in your marketing strategy.

Easier access to our help center

By clicking the green button "How to read this dashboard", you will directly access the help center article explaining the dashboard you are looking at in detail (what data it displays, how to read it, and tips for your business).

If you are in need of a more interactive discussion, you can click on the icon at the bottom-right of the screen and ask anything to our powerful AI-powered chatbot.

(more information about assistance : click here)

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