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Planning your succession planting

Set in-ground dates for your plants so you can see what's growing and when throughout the year

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To plan succession planting, the Garden Planner needs to know when you expect to plant and harvest the plants in your garden.

Setting in-ground dates for your plants

Double-click the plant on the plan (or click on it once then click on the Edit Item button in your plan's toolbar) to pull up the Edit Plant box.

Garden Planner edit item button

Select the 'Specify in-ground dates' checkbox, then choose the months during which the plant will be grown using the drop-down lists.

Garden Planner in-ground dates

Click Done when you are finished.

Garden Planner Done button

Viewing your plan month-by-month

To view how your garden will look for a particular month of the year click the Months drop-down list in your plan’s toolbar. By default this shows All Months. When you select a month, only plants that are marked as being in the ground for that month or for all of the growing season will be shown on the plan. (You will always need to do this to prevent viewing plant overlap if you are succession planting).

Garden Planner months menu

You can then fill in the blank spaces on your plan with another type of plant if you wish, remembering to set their In-Ground dates.

Show only plants that can be sown or planted during a specific month

To quickly choose suitable plants, you can filter the plant selector to show only plants that can be sown or planted during a specific month.

Click on Show More at the top of the plant selector.

Garden Planner show filters

Scroll down to Planting Times then select a month to sow indoors (blue) or sow or plant outdoors (green). Only plants that can be sown or planted during that month will then be shown in the plant selector. Click on Reset to return to viewing all plants.

Garden Planner planting times filters

Any questions? Chat to us!

Click on the Live Chat icon in the Garden Planner if you need help or have questions for our gardening experts.

Garden Planner - Live chat

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