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Boost your campaigns with our Server Side system
Boost your campaigns with our Server Side system
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a meeting with Aymeric for a more detailed presentation

What is Server Side and why should you implement it ?

It's quite simple: Server Side will completely replace the current Third Party Data tracking technologies without giving you a choice.

The only question is : WHEN,

Although it seems to be becoming clearer that it will probably happen during the first half of 2024, given the movements made by Apple and Google.

The principle is that your store will become fully responsible for collecting all the customer-centric behavioral data from your website (such as which customer viewed which product on which date, for example), and then sending it to your favorite media platforms (such as Google and Meta).

Without this data, your favorite media platforms would no longer be able to run effective campaigns: essentially, they would go back 20 years, with no capability for behavioral targeting and would have to send the same ad to everyone.

For more information, you could consult this article HERE.

So, in order to continue making your campaigns perform, it is now your responsibility to collect, certify, and ensure compliance with personal data regulations for all this data.

And you know how much of a profession this is :)

Fortunately, there are several solutions available to do this for you.

These solutions range :

  • from the simplest, which involves replacing historical tags/pixels/cookies with first-party data collection and flows to the media platforms.

    In this case, there is no added value compared to the historical situation, and no improvement in campaign performance can be expected, which is why these solutions are free.

  • Moving on to the "slightly more sophisticated" options: the solution can retrieve advanced transactional data (such as abandoned carts with a list of products, for example), where you may potentially expect some incremental performance improvement.

  • And finally, there are advanced solutions like ours :)

    Let's delve into that in the next paragraph.

Why should you test our Server Side solution ?

To accurately analyze your data and provide you with maximum truth in your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), we have worked hard on the topic of truly identifying a consumer - across all their devices where they browse - through their email address. This includes their mobile, desktop, and more.

In order to do this, we collect rich data from your entire Shopify ecosystem, data that no other solution has access to.

This is how we are able to recognize more than 30% of your traffic (even though less than 1% of your customers are logged in), all while fully respecting GDPR regulations.

Furthermore, we collect customer-centric data regarding your customers' interactions with your advertisements.

Imagine that in more than 30% of cases, we are able to say that your customer, Mr. XX, visited a specific list of products on a particular day, and that Mrs. YY has been clicking on all your newsletters for the past few days, which represents a convincing buying signal.

This is EXACTLY the type of data that platforms like Facebook need, for example, to improve the quality of their ad targeting (such as Lookalike Audiences).

And only we have access to this data because we are part of the most comprehensive marketing data references (sometimes the only one in many situations).

So, what we propose is to test the transmission of this data and validate, as accurately as possible, the incremental performance gains you can achieve on your ads through this data.

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