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FAQs | lexoffice integration
FAQs | lexoffice integration

Some FAQs answered to help you understand our lexoffice integration better

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  1. How can I connect my lexoffice account with Samdock?

    1. Go to Samdock --> settings --> Workspace --> Integrations --> lexoffice --> add your credentials

  2. Can I connect multiple lexoffice accounts with my Samdock account?

    1. No, only 1 account can be connected

  3. Can each user connect their own lexoffice account?

    1. No, lexoffice account integration is account-wide, which means only 1 lexoffice account can be connected across the Samdock account

  4. Why am I unable to view existing invoices connected to a deal in some cases?

    1. At some point, it could be possible that a different lexoffice account was connected to your Samdock account. In such cases, the invoice still exists, but as the current connected account is different from the previous one, we are unable to process the invoice.

  5. Why is my contact not created/updated in lexoffice?

    1. To create a contact in lexoffice, firstly make sure that the ”Create new contact” in lexoffice settings is enabled.

    2. If a contact person is already linked to an organization, we do not create a new contact person for this organization as lexoffice permits only one contact person for a single organization

    3. If a person is created in lexoffice, a linked organization cannot be created in lexoffice as lexoffice only supports individual persons without linked organizations

  6. Will my contacts be duplicated when I import them from lexoffice to Samdock?

    1. No, we verify the lexoffice IDs to ensure that duplicates are not created

  7. Will contacts be updated when I reimport them from lexoffice?

    1. Yes. All contacts with a valid lexoffice ID in Samdock will be updated if we find a matching ID during reimport.

  8. Will contacts in lexoffice be updated from Samdock?

    1. No, currently we only support contact creation and not contact update from Samdock to lexoffice

  9. What if there is an issue with my lexoffice integration?

    1. Simply, go to settings, disconnect integration, and you will be redirected to your lexoffice settings page to manage your integrations. Disconnect Samdock and try again.

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