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Your Discount Partner for sourcing Locums

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We get asked frequently if we are able to help members source locums and we understand the trials of sourcing locums last minute to ensure your pharmacy can continue without any bumps in the road. Often, high agency fees and low trust in booking sites can make this a difficult task.

Through Discount Partners, we’ve partnered with Lopic, a locum booking and time planning platform that is run by one of our own Numark members, Reece Samani, and is set up as a monthly subscription service at a discounted price to Numark members.

Lopic offers a smart scheduling solution for a low monthly price.

Here’s how it works:

· Smart scheduling so you can easily see any shifts that you need to find locums for

· Advertise shifts and book trusted locums in just a tap

· Build your locum bank and offer any preferred locums upcoming shifts first

· View all training certificates in one place to ensure complete compliance

· Fill emergency shifts quickly with trusted locums

That’s not all. As your complete HR solution, Lopic is the one platform that can handle all of your business needs:

· Manage staff schedules, rotas and annual leave in one place

· Make payroll easier with time tracking

· Easy-to-use rota templates

· Save money with unlimited locum bookings for a single low monthly price

· Seamless integration with existing HR, payroll and other business software

So, cut out the locum agency fees, save money and book great locums with your all-in-one HR solution.

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