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How do I pay for my prescription?
How do I pay for my prescription?

How to pay for your medication

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How you pay depends on whether you're getting your medication delivered through Royal Mail or fulfilled by a local pharmacy

Free delivery by Hey Pharmacist through Royal Mail

You're able to add a payment card in the settings of your Hey Pharmacist account.

When placing an order, you can then use this payment card to pay for your prescription.

We also support Apple Pay and Google Pay.

When you place an order, we pre-authorise £9.65 per item.

If you have multiple strengths of one medication (must be same form, i.e tablet or capsule) on the same prescription, the charge will always be £9.65 but will show as £9.65 per item until payment is taken when we dispatch your order.


You order Sertraline 50mg tablets and Sertraline 100mg tablets. This will pre-authorise on your bank account as £19.30, but once we dispatch your order you'll only be charged £9.65.

To check if you may be exempt from paying, click here to visit the NHS website.

If you're not exempt, a prescription prepayment certificate may save you money.

Collecting from a local pharmacy

You'll pay for your prescription at the local pharmacy.

Delivery from a local pharmacy

The local pharmacy will be in touch to let you know how you pay.

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