How does the service work?

An overview of how our service works

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Easily order and collect your NHS repeat prescriptions from your trusted local pharmacy or use our free home delivery service from our website or mobile app.

Hey Pharmacist is a free online NHS repeat prescription service that allows users to order and manage their medication all via our app and website, without needing to contact their GP or visit their pharmacy until it’s time to collect.

We offer you the option to either collect your medication in store or have it delivered to your door.

With Hey Pharmacist, you’re able to re-order your NHS repeat prescription in as little as 4 taps, and once you’ve ordered, we keep you up to date with the progress of your medication, from requested to ready for collection or delivery.

We even give you the option to enable a reminder when it’s time to re-order your medication next time!

Our mission is to take the faff out of ordering your medication, making your busy lives that little bit more stress free. Ordering your medication has never been simpler.

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