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Why do you reserve additional costs when I start a ride?
Why do you reserve additional costs when I start a ride?

Why was I charged pre-authorisation?

Updated over a week ago

A temporary hold, also known as pre-authorisation, is not a charge.

When you start a rental with us, your payment provider helps us to reserve a small amount to make sure that the payment method you are using is not fraudulent and has enough funds to later cover the cost of the ride.

This transaction is called pre-authorisation and usually varies from 3 to 13 euro. It is not a regular payment and is only reserved temporarily. It will usually appear as a pending charge on your account.

The reserved amount will be automatically settled within one hour after the ride ends according to the ride cost. In rare instances, however, some payment providers may take up to 7 days for the pre-authorisation to be released.

If the amount has not been released after 7 working days, please contact your bank or payment provider.

The cost of your actual ride will always match the amount displayed in the receipt sent out per email after your ride, as well as in your Ride history.

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