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Introducing PharmAssist: Revolutionise Your Purchasing Process

PharmAssist is an advanced electronic buying solution designed to give you control, ensure compliance, and drive profitability in your purchasing operations, all while saving you valuable time.

With its powerful Pharmacy Buyer software program, PharmAssist seamlessly integrates with your PMR system to provide the following key features:

  1. Tailored Ordering Cascade: Customise the system to your preferences by selecting the suppliers, and PharmAssist will generate an ordering cascade based on price or compliance.

  2. Cost-Effective Supplier Selection: After placing your order, PharmAssist automatically identifies the cheapest supplier for each product and cascades the order accordingly.

  3. Optimal Pack Size: PharmAssist includes a restriction file that suggests the best pack size for your order, further optimizing your purchasing process.

The benefits of using PharmAssist are numerous:

  • Pack Optimization Savings: By selecting the most cost-effective pack sizes, PharmAssist can save you up to £600 per month.

  • Comprehensive Supplier Pricing Database: PharmAssist regularly updates prices and price changes for Gold Partners, ensuring accurate pricing in your cascade.

  • Customizable Product and Manufacturer Preferences: You have the flexibility to override the cascade and choose your preferred suppliers or manufacturers on a per-product basis.

  • Drug Tariff Review: PharmAssist's website alerts you to any generic products that exceed the current Drug Tariff price.

  • Supplier Timeline: Take control of your ordering schedule by specifying the times when a particular supplier should be disabled, preventing orders during those periods.

  • Virtual Warehouse: Efficiently manage excess, short-dated, or bulk stock across multiple branches.

  • Boost Numark Rebates: PharmAssist helps you dispense cost-effective brands as part of the brand support scheme, increasing your Numark rebates.

  • Avoid Overpaying for Lower Volume Lines: PharmAssist tracks down a PI (Parallel Import) if available from your selected wholesalers, ensuring you don't pay more than the UK product price.

  • Wide Product Range: Manage generic, parallel import, and surgical products effectively.

  • Account for % Discounts: PharmAssist considers the % discounts offered by full-line suppliers.

  • Save Time: With its automated buying process, PharmAssist saves an average of 1 hour per day, freeing up time for additional services like MURs or NMSs, potentially adding £84 to your daily earnings.

Experience the transformative power of PharmAssist and streamline your purchasing process for increased control, compliance, and profitability.

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