Can I order for someone else?

How to add someone to your account

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Linked Profiles lets you add another person to your account so that you can view and order medication on their behalf.

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You can currently add up to five extra profiles on your account through the mobile app. We don't have this feature on the website currently.

What you’ll need to do

To add someone, you will need their permission and will need their codes for online services from their GP. The codes are:

  • Linkage key (passphrase)

  • Account ID

  • ODS code (practice ID or organisation code)

Once you have these codes, you'll just need to tap on 'Add profiles' on your account and follow the instructions.

You can easily unlink a profile by updating your settings in the app.

Adding children and minors

Linked patients can be of all ages, however prescriptions for under 16s are available for collection only.

Regulations state that a healthcare professional needs to be able to assess that the minor or guardian is capable of administering the medicine. At this point in time the only way to follow these regulations is by collecting the prescription from a pharmacy.

According to the NHS guidelines, once they turn 11 and 16 years old, patients will be required to re-request access from their GP.

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