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How to set or delete a reminder

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We'll send you a reminder when it's time to order your prescription, helping you to manage your medication and give you one less thing to remember.

How do I create a reminder?

To set a reminder, you need to place an order through your Hey Pharmacist account and then select 'Add an order reminder' after the order has gone through to the GP.

You can choose a date that suits you, or use the preset 4, 8 or 12 weeks.

Can I add a reminder to an existing order?

Yes! You'll just need to select the order within the 'orders' tab and then tap 'create a reminder for this order'.

How is the reminder sent to me?

The reminder can be sent via email or push notification, or you can choose to receive both.

You'll need to allow one of these options to be able to set a reminder.

Can I delete a reminder?

Yes! There's a new button at the top of the 'orders' tab, where you'll be able to see your active reminders. You'll be able to delete the reminders here.

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