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How to improve performance on larger plans or slower devices

Updated over a week ago

The steps below will speed up scrolling for large plans, since if the Garden Planner has to draw every single vegetable on a very large plan it can sometimes slow your device down, especially on older or slower devices.

Open your plan and clicking on the Settings button (the cog icon)

Garden Planner settings

Select the Device tab and scroll down to Plant Icons.

Garden Planner device settings

Under Display Plant Icons, choose to either show only plants at the corner of each block, or at the corners and edges.

Garden Planner display plant icons

You can also choose a maximum number of plant icons to display per area. This is set to 100 by default.

Garden Planner maximum icons per area

Scroll down and click Save Device Settings when you're happy with your changes.

Garden Planner save device settings

Any questions? Chat to us!

Click on the Live Chat icon in the Garden Planner if you need help or have questions for our gardening experts.

Garden Planner - Live chat

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