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Adding a compass to your plan

Add a compass to work out where sun and shade are likely to fall in your garden

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Where to find the compass

You can find a selection of compass icons among the Garden Objects. Scroll down or start typing 'compass' to find a selection of compass icons.

Garden Planner adding compass to plan

Click once to select the compass, move to where you want it to be on your plan, then click to place it. You can then resize it by clicking on and dragging the corner 'handles'.

How to indicate direction using the compass

Click on and drag the the center handle to rotate the compass to show where North lies.

Garden Planner compass icon

How to find plants for shady areas of your garden

Once you've determined where the shady areas of your garden are on your plan, you can browse plants that are tolerant of some shade using the filter options.

Garden Planner plant filters

Any questions? Chat to us!

Click on the Live Chat icon in the Garden Planner if you need help or have questions for our gardening experts.

Garden Planner - Live chat
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