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How to use the Plant List

Filtering, printing and exporting your planting calendar

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When you add the plants you want to grow to your plan this will automatically populate the Plant List tab.

The Plant List tab

Garden Planner Plant List

The Plant List (as the name suggests!) lists all of the plants on your plan. It also includes the quantity of each plant or variety, their spacing requirements, and recommended sowing, planting and harvesting dates for your garden's location.

Garden Planner Plant List

How to view plant information and favorites

Click on the 'i' Information button next to any plant in the list to see growing information, listed varieties, your Journal History and your notes for that plant.

Garden Planner Plant List plant information

You can also click on the star next to any plant to mark it as a Favorite.

Garden Planner Plant List favorites

Change how your Plant List is displayed

There are three different Display views:

Garden Planner Plant List display views

The Default view displays all of the columns in the Plant List. Summary view removes the Notes column.

Garden Planner Plant List summary view

The Individual Plantings view shows in-ground dates if you've added these to your plants (used to plan succession planting).

Garden Planner Plant List in-ground dates

Click Show More to see further options:

Garden Planner Plant List show more

Sorting the Plant List

There are several ways to sort the Plant List: by plant name, quantity, plant label, in-ground dates (if you have added these), or by sowing, planting, or harvesting time.

You can use the 'Sort by' drop-down menu at the top right of the Plant List:

Garden Planner Plant List sorting

Or click on the arrows at the top of each column to sort the Plant List.

Garden Planner Plant List sorting

Filter options

To search for a specific plant in your Plant List, type its name in the box provided in the Filter options. You can also choose to show or hide perennials, plant family, and scientific names in your Plant List.

'Hide plants without in-ground dates set' is only activated in the Individual Plantings view.

Garden Planner Plant List filter options

Select 'Use Text Planting Calendars' if you find this easier to view than the colored planting bars.

Garden Planner Plant List text planting calendars

Choose which columns you want to see

To simplify the Plant List you can hide any columns you don't need to see.

Garden Planner Plant List show/hide columns

Viewing your Plant List as a table or a list

If left as automatic, the View Mode will change depending on your screen size. To lock the Plant List to a specific view, click on the View Mode drop-down menu. Choose Always as Table if you want to see the full-width Plant List.

Garden Planner Plant List view mode

Choose Always as List if you find the table difficult to read on smaller screens or when using a tablet in portrait orientation.

Garden Planner Plant List view mode

Printing or saving your Plant List as a PDF

To print the Plant List or save it as a .pdf file, click on the Print button on the right hand side of the page and then print or save to PDF. You can choose not to print background colors to save on ink.

Garden Planner Plant List print

Alternatively, click on the Print button in your Plant List's top toolbar.

Garden Planner Plant List print

Exporting your Plant List

You can export your Plant List as a .csv file that can be opened in other programs, e.g. as an Excel spreadsheet.

Click on Export to CSV, and your Plant List will be saved to your Downloads folder as a .csv file.

Garden Planner Export Plant List to CSV

Open the .csv file in another program to edit it.

Garden Planner Plant List Exported to CSV

Any questions? Chat to us!

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