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Copy variety information

Using your own spacings and growing dates for multiple varieties

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The Import Variety Information feature enables you to use your own custom spacing and growing dates for multiple varieties, so you don't need to enter them for each variety you're growing.

To copy the spacings and sowing, planting and harvesting times from a variety you've already customized, first either double-click on the plant in your plan, or click once on it, then click on the Edit Item button in your plan's toolbar.

Choose a variety from the drop-down Varieties menu, or create a new one. Alternatively, leave '-' selected in the Varieties drop-down menu to edit the default variety.

Garden Planner customize varieties

Click on Customize Varieties.

Garden Planner customize varieties

Click on Copy From.

Garden Planner copy variety information

Click on the Variety to copy from drop-down menu and select the variety whose properties you want to copy.

Garden Planner copying variety information

Select Copy Spacing and/or Copy Sow, Plant and Harvest Dates.

Garden Planner copying spacing and growing dates from another variety

Click Import Properties.

Garden Planner import properties

Click Save All Changes, then click Done.

Garden Planner save all changes

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