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Changing season extender settings

How to edit the number or weeks a season extender adjusts your growing season by

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When you add a season extender such as a greenhouse or cold frame over your plants this automatically extends the growing dates for those plants.

Garden Planner season extender automatic dates

It's important to make sure that all four corner 'handles' of each plant sits fully within the structure for this to work.

Garden Planner season extenders

If you need to, you can edit how many weeks the season extender adjusts the growing season by in your plan's Settings.

Click on the Settings button (the cog icon) in your plan's toolbar.

Garden Planner settings button

Click on the Profile tab.

Garden Planner profile settings

Scroll down to Season Extenders and choose how many weeks you'd like to adjust the first and last frosts by using the drop-down menus.

Scroll down and click Save Profile Settings to save your changes.

Garden Planner save profile settings

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