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Downloading Publications for EAL Qualifications
Downloading Publications for EAL Qualifications
Written by Richard Fleetwood
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It's important to note that if you do not have the Publication folder on your account, you will need to contact your Centre Coordinator to request permission to be added to your account.

To view or download publications in Online Services, follow these steps:

Go to the Online Services navigation menu and select "Publication".

From the available tiles, select "Qualification Search."

The easiest way to search for the qualification is by using the qualification number, if you do not have this then you can use any of the other selection options.

Once you have entered the selection options, select 'Search' to continue

The search results will now display the qualification number, title and review date.

Click on qualification number highlighted in blue to proceed to the next steps

You now have three options on screen - Details, Pathways, Publications

Details: this will allow you to download documents such as the: Qualification Manual, Qualification Structure, Amendments Document and Learner Guide.

Pathways: this will allow you to view which pathways are within the qualification as well as providing you with the Registration and Certification End Dates.

Publication: this will allow you to download each of the individual unit materials available for the qualification.

To view the unit materials, you will need to choose the pathway on the left-hand side:

Then select the black arrow (>) in the ‘Pubs Details’ column to expand the unit details.

Then select ‘Download Unit Pubs’ to download the materials to your local computer.

If you would like to download all unit materials, feel free to use the ‘Download All Pubs’ option to download all materials to your local computer.

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