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TIER vehicles in the Dott app - what will change for you?
TIER vehicles in the Dott app - what will change for you?
Updated over a week ago

TIER and Dott have joined forces to become Europe’s leading shared mobility operator.

We are currently testing how we can combine the TIER with the Dott platform in a number of cities. This includes merging both fleets into one single app.

If we have migrated the TIER vehicles in your city to the Dott app, this means for you:

  • You’ll no longer be able to rent e-scooters and e-bikes via the TIER app, but only via the Dott app. Instead, all TIER vehicles will carry the Dott logo and will be available to ride in the Dott app.

  • You’ll still be enjoying the same trusted vehicles and reliable service, you’ll just be accessing it via the Dott app instead of TIER.

  • All your ride history, invoices, and support tickets will still be available in the TIER app for a period of time.

  • Some of TIER features may not be available on the Dott app at first, such as group rides and vehicle reservation.

However, the most important things will remain the same for you:

  • Sturdy, safe, and comfortable vehicles

  • Reliable rides, available 24/7 wherever you need them, in hundreds of cities across Europe and the Middle East

  • Dedication to safety and regular maintenance

  • Around-the-clock customer support

  • Getting from A to B to C quickly, easily, and reliably

  • Riding Europe’s leading micro-mobility operator, with the goal of changing mobility for good

Thanks to our combined forces, some things will be even better than before. This includes greater value-for-money passes and better offers.

We are delighted that you can now use the Dott app in your city!

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