Help asking for a SKIPTAX invoice

get an invoice in the name of SKIPTAX in the stores

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You can show this frame to the seller :

Bonjour, je suis mandaté par la société SKIPTAX et j'ai besoin d'obtenir une facture au nom de SKIPTAX. La facture peut également contenir mon nom/prénom C/O SKIPTAX. Merci d'avance !

If the store asks for a KBIS, click here

Nom Prénom
c/o Skiptax

76 Rue de la Pompe
75016 Paris

SIRET: 84317492100026

TVA: FR00843174921

✏️ Note :

  • Before making payment for your goods, request a Skiptax invoice from the store. Many stores have the ability to generate invoices on the spot through their cash register software.

  • Simply provide the store staff with the necessary information.

  • Only SKIPTAX's name is required on the invoice. If the seller can't add the address or SIRET/VAT number, that's no problem.

  • It is important to note that stores are obligated by law to provide an invoice upon request.

  • Note that your name can appear on the invoice if you wish for warranty reasons.

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