My refund is lower than expected

My refund is lower than expected

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There could be several factors contributing to your refund amount being lower than anticipated :

  1. Inaccuracies on your submitted invoices: If we detected any discrepancies in the invoice amounts, we've made necessary corrections, which may have resulted in a reduced refund.

  2. Ineligible items: Certain items you submitted might not qualify for a refund. If an invoice was rejected or lowered, it's likely because the items listed were not eligible.

  3. Unused bonus points: If you failed to utilize your one-time bonus points when generating your tax refund form, this could have impacted your refund amount. Remember, during the barcode generation process, we provide you an opportunity to decide how many bonus points you wish to apply.

  4. SWIFT / Bank fees: The amount you receive can be substantially impacted by SWIFT fees associated with international bank transfers, depending on your bank's policies. Regrettably, these costs are out of our control and their unpredictability makes it impossible for us to provide an accurate estimate in advance. These fees can sometimes amount to 10-20€. If you notice a significant discrepancy in your refund, it could be worthwhile to negotiate the SWIFT fee with your bank.

    As an alternative, we offer PayPal as a more predictable and often less costly method for receiving your refund.

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