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The store refuses to issue an invoice to SKIPTAX
The store refuses to issue an invoice to SKIPTAX

The shop does not want to issue me an invoice in the name of SkipTax

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We regret any inconvenience this may cause you.

Unfortunately, you may encounter companies that
unlawfully refuse to provide invoices.

These companies may
force you to utilize an alternate system that is not in your best interest, through which a portion of your refund ends up back in their hands, effectively reducing your tax refund.

If you face this situation, here are some steps you can take:

- Initially,
avoid discussing the tax refund. Your primary requirement is to obtain an invoice with SKIPTAX's name on it.

Stand your ground. Inform the vendor that without an invoice, you are unwilling to purchase from their store. This might influence their decision.

- Consider
shopping online, ensuring to add SKIPTAX's name in the billing information. Please note, the goods must be delivered in France to be eligible.

If these efforts prove fruitless, we recommend seeking a more trustworthy merchant for your purchases. While most retailers should accommodate your requests, luxury retailers are often the ones to pose this challenge.

Please remain vigilant during your shopping experience

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