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What annual limit should I choose?
What annual limit should I choose?
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We are not able to offer advice on what annual limits you should choose when crafting your plan however, we can provide you with information which can help you make a decision.

Consultations & diagnostics
Here are some examples of how much private treatments can cost:

Initial consultation

£170 - 280


£2,065 - 2,885


£1,655 - 2,570

MRI scan (1 body part)

£390 - 640

(Source: PHIN 2019, Nuffield Healthcare Aug 2021)

Hospital care
Here are some examples of how much private medical treatments can cost:

Hip replacement

£10,195 - 15,625

Knee replacement

£10,195 - 16,795

Slipped disc removal (lower back)

£6,629 - 14,750

Knee surgery (ACL repair)


Gall bladder removal (keyhole surgery)

£5,195 - 8,010

Shoulder decompression


Key arthroscopy

£3,070 - 4,575

Spinal injection

£2,085 - 3,285

Carpal tunnel release

£1,945 - 2,720

(Source: Nuffield Healthcare Aug 2021)

Please note:

  1. Costs can vary significantly for the same procedure or treatment depending on the on the healthcare professional and private hospital you use

  2. The total cost could be higher if you require additional treatment, for example for complications or additional treatment you require for a given condition

  3. The cost of cancer care can be considerably more than the examples outlined above. The treatment of cancer can require consultations, diagnostic tests, surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy

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