Moralis Web3
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Account & Billing
Major Changes Updates
Planned CU change across multiple endpoints (28th March 2023)
New disable_total flag for faster response times (1st Feb 2023)
Retiring servers for free plan users from (01 December 2022)
Restructure JS SDK API result (28-11-2022)
Deprecation of 'token_address' on NFT search endpoint: '/nft/search' (from Oct 15, 2022)
Removal of support for Kovan, Rinkeby and Ropsten from (Oct 12, 2022)
Removal of Rate Limit Response headers (06-09-2022)
Speedy Nodes discontinuation for Pro plan users! (01-09-2022)
Moralis 2.0 - Add entry for Moralis-v1 support (10-08-2022)
Speedy Nodes Removal for FREE plan users! (Starting July 11th, 2022)
Changes to the NFT owners endpoint (from July 5th, 2022)
Changes to the NFT search endpoint: /nft/search (from July 1, 2022)
Changes in WEB3 API responses (as from June 20, 2022)